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 Not really CB radio but......

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PostSubject: Not really CB radio but......   7/24/2009, 1:03 pm

The GF brought back from Universal Radio a bag of goodies for me. An antenna tuner that was designed for my brand of radio, and balun, and a mutli-band dipole. I plan to save the 2 towers for special projects and string the dipole betwen 2 talls trees on either side of the house. Also have plans for a 2 metre rig for the house(freebee) and putting a dx-949 and a 2 pill amp into the house as well. By the way my honey do list is going, it will all be done before the snow flys.

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PostSubject: Re: Not really CB radio but......   7/24/2009, 2:29 pm

Darn it sounds like your busier than a 1 armed paper hanger Very Happy
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Not really CB radio but......
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