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 george zimmerman

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PostSubject: george zimmerman   7/18/2013, 12:36 pm

How many people know that George Zimmerman was a Democrat? How many people know that George Zimmerman voted for Obama? How many people know that George Zimmerman once fought to get the ACLU to help a homeless black man? How many people know that George Zimmerman is not white but actually half Hispanic? How many people know that the media intentionally edited the sound bites to make George Zimmerman sound like a racist? How many people know that the trial had nothing to do with Florida's Stand Your Ground Law, but was in fact a case strictly about self defense? How many people believe the bullshit they see on TV? Do you not see that the media created a whole side show circus out of this case for the sole purpose of whipping the black community into a frenzy over white vs black racism when there was no racism involved in the shooting of Travon Martin. The media is intentionally trying to incite class and race warfare and riots because violence makes for good ratings and good ratings makes them a lot of money...Any protest over this case is a disgrace and only further lines the pockets of the media giants with millions of dollars of blood money
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george zimmerman
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