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PostSubject: US HEALTHCARE   9/29/2011, 5:39 pm

Dear Patriot,

When you are supporting a cause, you should get your money's worth! It’s even more important when that cause is freedom. Dollar for dollar, Betsy McCaughey’s work to overturn the Obama health law will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

On August 12, a federal appeals court declared the health law’s compulsory insurance an unconstitutional expansion of government power into the private decisions of individuals from birth to death. Twenty-six states brought the challenge, but much of the intellectual firepower originated with Betsy McCaughey.

Betsy McCaughey read all 2,700 pages of the Obama health law. She can explain how that law will affect you when you are sick and need care, or when you try to run your business. Most politicians voice opinions. McCaughey presents facts and backs them up with page numbers from the law.

Amazingly, with an annual budget under $400,000, she is doing more to alert the public to the contents of the health legislation, sustain public interest, and provide the research for constitutional challenges than any of the multi-million dollar think tanks.

Here are metrics demonstrating her success, 2009-2011:

First to expose the health provisions slipped into the stimulus legislation ( 2-09-09)
First to expose the dangerous ideas of Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel (New York Post, 7-24-09 and Wall Street Journal, 8-26-09)
First to provide a page-by-page analysis of the Pelosi bill (Wall Street Journal 11-07-09)
First to publish a page-by-page expose of Senate bill No. 2590, the actual Obama Health Law (New York Post, 10-15-2010)
78 guest editorials in America's leading newspapers and on-line news sites.
65 television appearances on national programs
400 radio programs on 50,000-watt stations or nationally syndicated programs

Below is a C-Span poll showing that Betsy McCaughey is delivering the information the public needs. Head to head with six presidential aspirants, Betsy McCaughey came out on top with C-Span's audience. How could this happen? It happened because the public needs information, not just campaign rhetoric.

Presenter programs can be found at:

Twenty-eight states are challenging the constitutionality of the Obama health law. We are in the final stretch. Polls show Americans are as opposed to this law now as the day it was enacted. That unprecedented achievement is due largely to Betsy McCaughey.

With the resounding victory in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, we are on our way to a constitutional showdown in the U.S. Supreme Court. We cannot falter now. Please support Betsy McCaughey's work at Defend Your Healthcare. She cannot continue without your help. She won't be coming back to you year after year. This is the moment - the fight of our lifetimes.

Defend Your Healthcare is a 501(c) 4. Please donate atcom or send your check to Defend Your Healthcare, 21 Elm Rock Road, Bronxville, New York 10708.

With your help and with the U.S. Constitution on our side, freedom will prevail! Betsy McCaughey's work will continue if you contribute.

In the cause of freedom,
The Defend Your Healthcare Team & Volunteers
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